Nera Optical Works cares about YOUR vision.

The NOW Team strives for excellence and professionalism by providing customer service, both inside and outside the organization, within the limits of available, well-managed resources. To accomplish this mission, we agree upon these values:


Anticipating the needs of our customers and planning accordingly.

Greeting our customers promptly, cheerfully and respectfully.

Listening carefully and giving full consideration to the requests and concerns of our customers.

Communicating honestly, courteously and knowledgeably.

Providing follow-through for our customers promptly, responsibly and efficiently.

Serving with pride, commitment, and with high ethical standards.

Respecting the individual and encouraging participation.

Wholesale Inquiries

We are here to serve the market. If you are interested in making a bulk purchase order, please email or call us 09 44 07 44 07.